"Disruption" This Saturday

Author: Rachel Novick

The movie Disruption will be screened this Saturday, September 13th, at 3:00 PM in the Carey Auditorium at Hesburgh Library. The film is being released by 350.org in advance of the People's Climate March taking place in New York City on September 21st.  Disruption focuses on the need for coordinated activism to move world leaders to address the climate crisis. The film is slightly under an hour and will be followed by a faculty panel and discussion about the role of social activism. 

The People's Climate March is being organized to raise awareness about the need for action on climate change just prior to a Climate Summit being held by the United Nations in New York City on September 23rd. The purpose of the Summit is to galvanize and catalyze political progress on addressing climate change, but there is concern that many world leaders are not seriously committed to action at this meeting, and some will not even attend. Almost one thousand schools, businesses, faith groups, and organizations will be participating in the People's Climate March, including Notre Dame's environmental club greeND. 

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