Environmental Change Initiative Launches New Website

Author: Alex Gumm


Eci Website

The Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) has launched a new website, eci.nd.edu. The website now includes a modern look and enriched content that aims to better assist both ND-ECI’s internal and external communities.

The website offers seven main sections, including an updated ‘Research’ page, which explores ND-ECI research at the project level. Viewers can learn about the 25+ projects occurring within ND-ECI, which address research on land use impacts on water quality, climate change, and species loss. The new project platform offers a dynamic place for researchers to share visuals and publications to increase awareness on environmental challenges.

Our ‘Partners’ section offers a snapshot of the external stakeholders that ND-ECI researchers work simultaneously with, which include dozens of local, state and federal officials as well as foundations, non-profits and corporations around the world. The page also highlights ND-ECI’s collaborations with other Centers and Institutes at Notre Dame.

Under the ‘ND-ECI Services’ page, faculty, postdoctoral researchers, students, and staff can find information pertaining to funding opportunities, education and outreach, and fostering a intellectual community, as well as the variety of administrative services offered by ND-ECI leadership.

“The purpose of our new site is to provide a unified platform for researchers from across disciplines to showcase the innovative environmental research underway at Notre Dame,” said Alex Gumm, ND-ECI Communications & Program Associate. “By better highlighting applicable research, we hope to grow partner collaborations and increase educational programming to enhance our moto: “Science Serving Society.”

Explore these sections and more at eci.nd.edu.

Originally published by Alex Gumm at environmentalchange.nd.edu on June 21, 2016.

Originally published by Alex Gumm at environmentalchange.nd.edu on June 21, 2016.