Ethical Leaders in STEM: Announcing the first cohort of leadership fellows

Author: Mary Hendriksen



This fall, the Graduate School will launch a unique Ethical Leaders in STEM program, a yearlong leadership development opportunity for third- and fourth-year Ph.D. graduate students.

Funded by the National Science Foundation, the goals of the program are to provide an opportunity to become aware of and further develop one’s leadership strengths; to provide an ethical foundation for decision-making; and to positively impact the community.

Each participant will engage in a self-identified leadership practicum on campus or in the community throughout the year of the program. Fellows have proposed a variety of projects—from creating improved mentoring programs for undergraduate students in their departments to teaching basic computer programming at South Bend’s Center for the Homeless to organizing a reading group on the moral psychology of peace and justice for faculty and students. Seminars will occur every three weeks, with a few all-day experiences. Participants will receive course credit and a stipend.

“Our vision is for graduate students to gain a better understanding of themselves, others, and the organizations in which they serve,” explains John Lubker, associate dean for academic affairs, and program director for graduate opportunities for leadership development (GOLD). “As future leaders in their fields, these students will apply their training in a manner informed by the University’s core values of integrity, accountability, teamwork, leadership in mission, and leadership in excellence.”

Students selected to be in the first cohort of the program:

Leadership Fellows – 2015-2016

  • Andrew Bartolini – Civil Engineering
  • Clyde Daly – Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Sage Davis – Biological Sciences
  • Keith Feldman – Computer Science and Engineering
  • Matt Hall – Physics
  • Kristen Johnson – Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Julie Kessler – Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • Jennifer Kolesari – Psychology
  • Liz Loughran – Integrated Biomedical Sciences
  • Amanda Marra – Biological Sciences
  • Mike McConnell – Electrical Engineering
  • Cristal Reyna – Biological Sciences
  • McKay Rytting – Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
  • Kasey Stanton – Psychology
  • Dana Townsend – Psychology
  • Yuanxing Wang – Chemistry and Biochemistry

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