Graduate School honors Steven Corcelli

Author: Mary Hendriksen

Steve Corcelli

During the 2015 Commencement season, the Graduate School bestowed four prestigious awards: the Distinguished Alumnus Award; the James A. Burns, CSC Award; the Director of Graduate Studies Award; and the Graduate Administrative Staff Member Award. Steven Corcelli, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, earned the 2015 Director of Graduate Studies Award.

Steven Corcelli

Steven Corcelli and his wife Christine Corcelli

In addition to his superb management of the day-to-day activities of his graduate program, Prof. Corcelli has also been instrumental in two important departmental initiatives:

  • Fostering a grant-writing climate within the graduate students in the department, as evidenced by an increasing number of external, full-stipend fellowships applied for and awarded;
  • Increasing diversity among doctoral students and promoting careers in the academy for these students through a Graduate Assistance in Areas of National Need grant.

Prof. Corcelli has also served as a leader in graduate education at the national level — assuming positions of ever-increasing responsibility in the American Chemical Society’s Graduate Education Advisory Board. Now chair of the advisory board, he is working to develop policies and best-practice guidelines for distribution to programs across the nation.


Originally published by Mary Hendriksen at on May 26, 2015.