Gursky Joins Center for Health Sciences Advising

Author: Gene Stowe


Susan K. Gursky, assistant professional specialist, has joined Rev. James Foster and Kathleen Kolberg as an advisor in the Center for Health Sciences Advising. Her role will be to advise the incoming sophomore SCPP students. Collectively, the three advise all students in the sophomore through senior years who plan to apply to medical, dental and other professional schools. Last year, nearly 300 Notre Dame students applied to medical schools.

Gursky, who previously taught Introduction to Undergraduate Research with Michelle Whaley in the Department of Biological Sciences, is currently organizing an interdisciplinary seminar for sophomore preprofessional studies majors that will start in spring 2011. The seminar includes top faculty from across the campus as well as community leaders. She is also developing a scientific writing course for graduate and undergraduate students with undergraduate research coordinator Dominic Chaloner. “The faculty recognized a need for a writing course specifically for science majors because there are challenges in writing that are unique to the discipline,” she says. “You’re communicating ideas for the first time, so being able to write well is essential.”

Gursky earned a Ph.D. at the Pritzker School of Medicine at the University Chicago in the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Later, she completed postdoctoral work at Princeton University in the Department of Biochemistry.

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