International mathematicians honor Juan Migliore at commutative algebra conference

Author: Brian Wallheimer


Juan Migliore

Claudia Polini, director of the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame, Uwe Nagel, professor of mathematics at the University of Kentucky, and Bernd Ulrich, professor of mathematics at Purdue University, organized the conference. Speakers from across the United States, as well as Spain, Norway, Sweden, Indonesia, South Korea and Switzerland attended May 16-19 to survey Migliore’s body of work, as well as discuss new, cutting-edge discoveries in liaison theory, Hilbert functions, characteristic p methods, multiplicity theory, multiplier ideals, free resolutions and local cohomology.

“Many distinguished mathematicians came from all over the world to honor Juan and his work,” Polini says. “A testimony to Juan's standing is the fact that every scientist we had contacted readily accepted our invitation.”

It is a tradition in mathematics to honor prestigious mathematicians on their 60th, 65th or 70th birthdays. Migliore said the conference was a privilege.

“I would like to say that it is easily the greatest honor that I have received in my career,” he says. “From both a scientific and an organizational point of view, it was exceptionally well put together and carried out. I am extremely grateful to the organizers for their kindness and generosity in organizing this conference in my honor, and to the speakers for agreeing to participate.”