Kate Christian '15

Author: Rachel Novick


When people ask me what I’m studying, I have to take a deep breath and prepare my long-winded answer: I’m studying Business, but I don’t know yet which field, and I’m double minoring in Sustainability and Theology. The next question is often, “What exactly is sustainability?” Sustainability is about effectively managing our resources so that people can continue to thrive without damaging the earth. The Sustainability minor is brand new at Notre Dame and reflects ND’s ongoing path towards further innovation while still maintaining its strong tradition.

The intersection of these three disciplines is what I love most about college: the focus on passion. While there are still university requirements and college requirements, in college you get to study and pursue your passion at an extremely sophisticated level. College is a time to apply the lens of academics to the things that interest you most. For me, it results in the collision of business, the earth, and God. Every class I take has a purpose beyond a final grade and helps me further define my passions and interests.

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