Mathematics professor receives honorary doctoral degree

Author: Cliff Djajapranata

700x900 Pillay

Anand Pillay, the Hank Family Professor of Mathematics, will receive an honorary doctoral degree from Waterloo University’s Division of Mathematics.

Pillay’s work centers on model theory, a branch of mathematical logic.  Model theory is a kind of metamathematics which studies when and how certain statements are true in certain mathematical environments. Pillay has contributed to the abstract part of model theory as well as to its applications to various branches of mathematics, such as algebra, geometry, differential equations, and combinatorics.

700x900 Pillay

Pillay feels honored to receive this degree and to be recognized for his work. “It is always nice to get some kind of recognition for one's work, so I am happy about it,” said Pillay, who has published more than 200 articles.

Waterloo University’s Division of Mathematics, located in Ontario, Canada, is home to one of the largest and distinguished groups of mathematicians in the world, according to Jeffrey Diller, the chair of the Department of Mathematics at the University of Notre Dame.