Notre Dame Summer REU team receives Presidential Team Irish Award

Author: NDWorks

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The Notre Dame Summer Research Experience for Undergraduates (REU) team exemplifies the University value of teamwork by organizing immersive research programs each summer for more than 300 undergraduate students from around the world.

Undergraduate research gives students the opportunity to gain new skills by spending time in laboratories, conducting fieldwork, gathering and compiling data, and performing analytical studies. These activities help students discern their career path, research interests, and graduate school opportunities. The REU team also provides professional development and social events for students to facilitate new friendships and enhance their overall experience.

Within the last seven years, the team has grown from six administrators in the same college to more than 18 from various departments, centers, and institutes across the University. This team combines resources, shares best practices, and provides support to one another to ensure students have a productive, rewarding, and memorable experience while conducting research at Notre Dame.

Congratulations to the Notre Dame Summer REU team for winning the Presidential Team Irish Award.


Originally published by NDWorks at on October 31, 2023.