Physicists Receive $600K NSF Award for Advancing Research in Semiconductors

Author: Gene Stowe

Physicists, Margaret Dobrowolska, Jacek Furdyna and Xinyu Liu, have just been awarded a 4-year grant of $600,000 by the National Science Foundation for work titled, “Electron Spin Effects in Semiconductor Nanostructures” which will ultimately aid in increasing the functionality of electronic microchip devices.

This award supports a project to address electron spin by employing state-of-the-art techniques to fabricate and characterize a series of novel semiconductor nano-scale structures in which the role of the electron spin is magnified by incorporating magnetic ions. By training graduate and undergraduate students in cutting-edge semiconductor fabrication techniques as well as in designing multi-functional materials, the project is expected to have a broad impact far beyond its immediate goals.

The group collaborates with more than 35 institutions. The NSF Panel Summary noted that “the Notre Dame group serves as a role model for successful networking in North America and beyond.” 


NSF Award Physicists