Physics graduate student Nirupama Sensharma works to create nuclear energy awareness

Author: Shelly Goethals

Nucl Energy

Nuclear Energy – The Better Energy is an initiative to promote knowledge and awareness about the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. Doctoral physics student Nirupama Sensharma’s vision in developing ‘Nuclear Energy – The Better Energy’ is to bridge the gap between her research as a nuclear scientist and her responsibilities towards society. She says that spreading awareness is the only way to counter the fear and stigma associated with nuclear energy. In the present age of technology, society is constantly evolving and moving towards advancement. To fight the current climate crisis, Sensharma explains that there is a need to reduce carbon emissions and find a way to progress using sustainable resources. She believes that embracing nuclear energy is the step that will take society closer to a safer environment.

The group’s website is aimed at those with a non-science background, and with the goal to help society dispel the fears and misconceptions related to this environment-friendly source of energy. In order to actively engage with a larger population, the group publishes regular newsletters, articles, quizzes, fun-facts and advertises on social media. Nuclear Energy – The Better Energy also collaborates with ND Energy to organize various outreach events.

Sensharma supervises a team of five members (four graduate and one undergraduate student) working with this initiative. She is in the process of registering as a non-profit organization. The group plans to sell merchandise that shows support for nuclear energy. Looking ahead, Sensharma says that they hope to collaborate with companies that operate nuclear power plants to assist their public outreach efforts.

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Originally published by Shelly Goethals at on February 10, 2020.