REU students return from Kenya trip

Author: Marya Lieberman


Muriel Mcclendon (Chicago State University), Sarah Bliese (Hamline College), and Albert Vargas (UND) spent two weeks in Eldoret and Nairobi as part of the Analytical Chemistry REU program.  Muriel worked on a quantitative paper test card for antibiotics and gave a presentation at Eldoret University, Sarah helped repair an HPLC and performed system suitability testing for amoxicillin analysis, and Albert worked on a test card for air pollutants and generally helped out.

Muriel helps Mercy prepare standards for the aPAD:

Mercy And Muriel Prepare Standards Small

Albert works with Phelix and Christopher to filter HPLC solvents:

Sitti Albert Phelix Filter Hplc Solvents Small

Sarah is fixing the injector on the HPLC:

Sarah Getting At That Screw On The Injector Small


Originally published by Marya Lieberman at on July 15, 2016.