Scientific Entrepreneurship course still available for students this semester

Author: Stephanie Healey


Scientific Entrepreneurship course

Scientific Entrepreneurship

This semester the College of Science is offering Scientific Entrepreneurship, an innovative and exciting course taught by Dean Greg Crawford and Dr. Michael Flavin of Shamrock Structures, LLC. This course is held on Tuesdays from 4:15-5:55 p.m. and there are still seats available.  Students, please consider taking this course this semester as it offers a fantastic opportunity to enhance and expand your education. The deadline for all registration and class changes is 11:59 p.m. on January 22, 2013.

SC 40500 - Section 01: Scientific Entrepreneurship (CRN 26308)
This course focuses on innovation and entrepreneurship of embryonic ideas and scientific breakthroughs and how to move them from the laboratory to the marketplace - from invention to venture. All entrepreneurial case studies will be focused on science-based and high-technology examples, such as nano-science, energy science, drug discovery, medical diagnostics, sophisticated algorithms, green technology, etc. The class is project-based, where students will develop a high technology business plan based on discoveries and inventions of Notre Dame science faculty. Students will have the flexibility to choose from a variety of topics for their final projects in biology, biochemistry, chemistry, mathematics, physics, or medicine. Individual or team projects are possible depending on preference. The course does not count as science credit for majors in the College of Science.