Steven Corcelli Receives 2020 Thomas P. Madden Award

Author: Rebecca Hicks

Corcelli 1200
Corcelli 1200

Steven Corcelli, Professor in the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry and Associate Dean for Interdisciplinary Studies and Faculty Development, has been selected as the 2020 recipient of the Thomas P. Madden Award. This award honors the faculty member who contributed the most to the teaching of first-year students.

Corcelli has taught a wide variety of courses for undergraduates in his years at Notre Dame, but his teaching efforts in Introduction to Chemical Principles (CHEM10171) have proven invaluable for first-year students. This course provides a foundation in the fundamental principles of chemical structure and reactivity, and it is the course with the largest number of students in a single section at the university.

What sets Corcelli apart is his desire to personally help students, even with such large numbers of them. His students have commented that they appreciate his engaging lectures, dedicated passion, and approachable nature. Beyond his extensive knowledgeable, students also remark that Professor Corcelli is a kind and selfless person who encourages inquisitiveness and challenges students to engage critically.

Originally published by Rebecca Hicks at on May 28, 2020.