The Materials Characterization Facility prepares to move to Stepan Chemistry Hall

Author: Barbara Villarosa

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Materials Characterization Facility

The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) will be moving soon to its new location in 146-147 Stepan Chemistry Hall. Currently under construction, the new site is expected to be ready for move-in Monday, July 23. All users should expect little to no interruption in the MCF services and instrument use during this time. Instruments will be housed in both locations and will be moved in phases to ensure continuous use. All instruments are expected to be in place by August 10. Current users will have automatic access to the new location. Dr. Ian Lightcap’s office will be located in 146 Stepan Chemistry Hall. 

An open house is currently being planned for mid to late August for the Notre Dame community to tour the new facility and view some of the newest capabilities in the MCF.

The MCF is currently housed in 132 Nieuwland Science Hall with extended services in Stinson-Remick Hall.

For more information, please contact Ian Lightcap.

The Materials Characterization Facility (MCF) is a core research facility of the Center for Sustainable Energy at Notre Dame (ND Energy). This facility provides world-class, state-of-the-art equipment and instrumentation with major capabilities in the following areas to support scientific advancements and new or improved sustainable energy technologies and systems. The MCF welcomes users from Notre Dame and other academia and industrial institutions.

  • General Materials Characterization – Modern instrumentation and expertise for solid, liquid, and gas characterization by spectroscopic, thermal, X-ray, BET, and spectrometric analytical methods.
  • Photovoltaic and Electrocatalyst Characterization – Two catalyst and photovoltaic testing stations include solar simulators, automated gas sampling loops for in-line GC evolved gas detection, and a potentiostat with eletrochemical impedance and rotating disc electrode capabilities.
  • Crystallographic Characterization – Powder and single crystal x-ray diffractometers are available for a wide range of structural characterization. 

Originally published by Barbara Villarosa at on July 11, 2018.