University names Lamberti as acting director of UNDERC

Author: Brandi Klingerman

Gary Lamberti

Gary A. Lamberti, professor in the Department of Biological Sciences, has been named the Gillen Acting Director of the University of Notre Dame Environmental Research Center (UNDERC). Lamberti will oversee the center’s two facilities: UNDERC-East, located between Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and UNDERC-West, located in western Montana on the Flathead Indian Reservation. Lamberti will be supported by Stuart E. Jones, associate professor in the Department of Biological sciences, in the role of associate director of research at UNDERC.

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Using data to preserve the natural beauty of campus

Author: Marissa Gebhard and Deanna Csomo McCool

Dome In Fall

Fall is one of the most the most beautiful seasons on the Notre Dame campus. The orange, red and yellow canopy is a magnificent complement to the glow of the Golden Dome. Ever wonder what types of trees present this autumnal show? Largely, they are maples. To be exact, there are 621 sugar maples and 517 red maples, says Barbara Hellenthal, curator of the Museum of Biodiversity and the Greene-Nieuwland Herbarium. Both species are native to the region and colorful.

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GIS Day at Notre Dame 2019 — Call for Proposals

Author: Jenna Bilinski

Photo of Golden Dome and Basilica across St. Joseph's Lake

GIS Day Call for Lightning Talk Proposals — Share how GIS contributes to your research and community-based projects that make a difference here in South Bend and around the world.

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University of Miami data visualization expert Alberto Cairo discusses ‘How Charts Lie’ on podcast

Author: Ted Fox

With a side of knowledge

With a Side of Knowledge is a podcast produced by the Office of the Provost at the University of Notre Dame. The sixth episode of the show’s third season, “On ‘How Charts Lie’ and Increasing Graphicacy,” was released Thursday, Oct. 10, and features Alberto Cairo, associate professor and the Knight Chair in Visual Journalism at the University of Miami’s School of Communication.

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Pre-med Minute Ep. 3: Personal Competency - Service Orientation

Author: Provided

Dome In Fall

Medical schools want to see that you have developed a life of service as an undergraduate student. Kathleen Kolberg, assistant dean for undergraduate studies at the University of Notre Dame, shares her tips for showing you can embark in a life of service in this one-minute-plus video.

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Collaborative study of Milky Way shows unexplained surplus of incoming gas

Author: Tammi Freehling


Nicolas Lehner portrait 2018

Nicolas Lehner, astrophysics research professor in the Department of Physics at Notre Dame, is a co-author of a paper published today in The Astrophysical Journal. Lehner and his collaborators, studying existing data from the Hubble telescope, found for the first time that the Milky Way contains an unexplained surplus of incoming gas. Gas inflow and outflow processes are important for astronomers to understand because these processes are involved in regulating the formation of new stars and planets. 

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Introductory Biology: Asking Big Questions from Molecules to Ecosystems

Author: Department of Biological Sciences

Main Building

Three years ago, Biological Sciences faculty met to address the challenge of introductory biology classes by designing and implementing a new Introductory Biology course sequence. The overarching goal was to develop a set of courses that would incorporate innovative pedagogies and student-centered learning, while actively engaging students in the discipline of biology.

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