Doctoral student recognized for research on traumatic brain injuries

Author: Naya Tadavarthy

James Hentig250x250

The Society for Neuroscience (SfN) selected fourth-year doctoral student James Hentig for the inaugural class of their highly-competitive Leadership Development Program, as well as a Trainee Professional Development Award. The society recognized Hentig's work on curing traumatic brain injuries, informed by his own experience in the U.S. Army.

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Fighting to Understand the Scientific Impact of Community

Author: What Would You Fight For?

Beth Archie

Fighting to understand the scientific impact of community: Elizabeth Archie, associate professor of biology, focuses on the interaction between social behavior and health and survival. How, Archie wonders, can a baboon’s social life impact things like lifespan, parasite risk, fertility and gut microbiomes?

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Scientia editors promote student research in undergraduate publication

Author: Naya Tadavarthy

Domewithclouds 250

Seniors Rosie Crisman and Vaishali Nayak edit Scientia, the College of Science student research magazine, which contains full research papers by undergraduate students in biology, health, mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biochemistry, as well as a "Student Spotlight" section. The co-editors also run the "Talk Science" lecture series and help select undergraduates for the Charles Edison Foundation Fellowship.

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Notre Dame biologist to study the role of woody vines in tropical forests

Author: Deanna Csomo McCool

David Medvigy

Tropical forests absorb more carbon than any other system, and therefore help regulate the earth’s climate. Lianas — woody vines — that surround trees in these forests have been shown to slow rates of tree growth, but their role hasn’t been fully studied.Tarzan may find lianas in the jungle useful, but David Medvigy, associate professor in the department of biological sciences, intends to find out what they add or take away from these ecosystems.

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‘Bridge building’ with the East: Provost’s visit marks 40 years of Notre Dame in China

Author: Colleen Wilcox

China On Globe

Forty years ago, Rev. Theodore “Ted” Hesburgh, C.S.C., then president of the University of Notre Dame, first visited China as part of an effort to build bridges with leaders in higher education that could lead to better relations between East and West. As he makes his 11th such visit to China, Notre Dame Charles and Jill Fischer Provost Thomas Burish reflected on the progress he has witnessed.

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