NASA Deputy Administrator Dava Newman Visits ND Turbo Lab

Author: Jasmin Avila

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On Thursday, April 7, NASA Deputy Administrator and Notre Dame alumna Dava Newman (’86) visited the Notre Dame Turbomachinery Laboratory at Ignition Park. Newman is the Apollo Professor of Astronautics and Engineering Systems at MIT and is best known for her groundbreaking research in wearable technologies, namely her BioSuit, a compact and more skin-tight suit that could potentially allow future space travelers greater flexibility and movement.

During her visit,  Newman met with NDTL director Joshua Cameron and the team of research scientists to learn about the lab’s unique capabilities and the exciting research being conducted there; she also had the opportunity to tour the newly completed laboratory facility.

NDTL research scientist Chiara Bernardini was excited to meet and discuss with Newman: “It’s truly an honor to have Dava here at the lab; her research in space suit technology is changing the way we think about space travel and exploration at an innovative and yet very practical level. For astronauts to be able to move around more easily and quickly…this would make a world of difference for current and future teams of explorers."

More information on Newman’s BioSuit is available here

(Photo courtesy of Danielle R. Wood)

Originally published by Jasmin Avila at on May 02, 2016.