Latin for "knowledge," Scientia is a completely student-run, predominantly rolling-submissions online publication with an annual copy in print. Scientia's goals are threefold:

  1. Recognize and encourage high-quality undergraduate research.
  2. Provide a forum through which students can gain the essential skills of writing and reviewing to fulfill their future goals.
  3. Contribute to the advancement and cohesiveness of Notre Dame's scientific community.

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Scientia is supported by the Charles Edison Fund.



Scientia is excited to continue to support the Charles Edison Foundation Fellowship. The fellowship will provide at least two Notre Dame undergraduate students with $1,500 each for a full academic year. 

The goal of this fellowship is to help students that due to financial circumstances are unable to fully commit to undergraduate research because of on-campus or off-campus employment. Moreover, the hope is that the fellowship will promote undergraduate research at Notre Dame and help students reach their highest potential, regardless of economic circumstances.

Further details are outlined on the Scientia website. Any questions concerning the fellowship, eligibility, or the application process should be directed to the Scientia Editors at 


Requirements for nomination:

-Applicants should be sophomores or juniors in good academic standing, have at least one major in the College of Science, and demonstrated financial need. 

-Students should be involved in undergraduate research during the academic year at the University of Notre Dame. 

-Successful applicants will receive the funds for the next two semesters they are enrolled on campus. In the event that a student elects to study abroad after receiving the scholarship, then funds will be provided for whichever subsequent two semesters they are on campus. 

-Funds will not be provided during the summer session. 

-All applications will be reviewed by Scientia.

Expectations upon receipt of fellowship:

-If selected to receive the fellowship, the recipients will be expected to write a one-page reflection at the end of each semester. This reflection should include the benefits of the fellowship to the recipient’s research, their progress over the semester, and any  suggestions for improvements to the fellowship program. 

-Students will be expected to be the student speaker at one of Scientia’s monthly "Talk Science" meetings and/or submit an article to Scientia before graduation. 

-Recipients will be expected to serve on the fellowship selection committee for the following year, which will occur during the Spring semester of the academic year.

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