Science is about asking and answering questions. The College of Science consists of six departments, with many courses of study at the undergraduate and graduate level, to assist tomorrow’s scientists in addressing those questions they personally find most intriguing.

  • ACMS Department Wall

    Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics

    Brings the tools of modeling, simulation, and data analysis to bear on real-world problems, producing solutions with the power to predict and explain complex phenomena.

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  • Researcher crouches down at a stream bed; the grass is green, and the sky is blue and streaked with clouds

    Biological Sciences

    Advances human and environmental health through teaching, research, and outreach, especially in the areas of global health, cancer, rare and neglected diseases, and environmental sciences.

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  • Student injects syringe contents into tray

    Chemistry & Biochemistry

    Committed to the development of well-rounded scientists who can take on leadership roles in industry, academia, or government.

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    A flexible curriculum that deepens a student’s knowledge while also sharpening their analytical and problem-solving skills.

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  • Radiation Laboratory

    Physics and Astronomy

    From biological systems, to chemical processes, to the study of the universe’s most fundamental forces and interactions on scales from the cosmological to the sub-nucleon, provides the underpinning of scientific knowledge.

    Physics & Astronomy Website

  • Patient in Clinic Room

    Preprofessional Studies

    Prepares students for a vocation in the health profession of their choice. On average, more than three-fourths of all Notre Dame applicants to M.D. or D.O. programs are accepted.

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