Art 2 Science summer camp


Location: Jordan Hall of Science

Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics JINA

This camp is an extension of JINA's Art 2 Science program which introduces children to the wonders of the physical universe. We utilize a multidisciplinary approach to learning by integrating reading, writing, and a variety of art forms with math and the physical sciences. Participants will learn about math, physics, astronomy, and chemistry by creating works of art and hands-on projects. Chosen activities will be designed by collaborations with local science and art teachers, QuarkNet, Riverbend Math Center, the NASA Planck Mission, and more!

To learn more, see the schedule and photos from 2012 below.

Flyer 2012
Camp Schedule 2012
Photos 2012

For additional information contact:

JINA Outreach
180 Nieuwland Science Hall
(574) 631-5326


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