Research Events

College of Science Joint Annual Meeting (COS-JAM)

All undergraduate students in the College of Science are invited to participate in COS-JAM by sharing their original research with faculty and students, in either an oral or poster format. Research may have been conducted on or off campus, and mentored by faculty from the University of Notre Dame and/or at other universities and colleges. 

COS-JAM will take place on Thursday, May 2, 2024. Learn more. 

COS-JAM Best Presentation Awards are given to the presenters who have done a great job for their presentation based on Judges’ evaluations. 

  • Beatriz de Campos Silva | Project Title: Exploring the Effects of Plasma Radiation on Solution pH for Potential Medical Applications
  • Katiebelle Thompson | Project Title : Fishing for Clues: Identifying Green River Formation Fossils via Morphological Traits
  • Emily Richardson | Project Title: Novel Combination Therapy of SREBP1 Inhibitor with Standard-of-Care Chemotherapy Leads to Delayed Recurrence of Ovarian Cancer in the Obese Host
  • Angela Rea | Project Title: The Drug Test Expansion Pack: Extending the detection and quantification capabilities of a paper-based drug-checking device
  • Josh Mijares | Project title: Roles of Extracellular Vesicles in the Aging Microenvironment and Epithelial Ovarian Cancer Progression: Cell Adhesion and Proteome Profiling
  • Amanda Waelde | Project title: Optimization of Tryp-NTM for Pyroglutamic Acid Avoidance
  • Dave Debacker | Project title: Beyond the Word of Life: Exploring Advocacy and Inspiration Through Public Art
  • Erik Curtis | Project title: Leaf Litter Inputs and Their Biofilms Influence Size-Specific eDNA Removal Rates in Streams

Fall Undergraduate Research Fair (FURF)

The Fall Undergraduate Research Fair takes place each fall semester in the Jordan Hall of Science Galleria.

The purpose of FURF is to provide students an opportunity to have their questions answered about undergraduate research. Students can discover not only how to get involved in research, but also how to get more out of the research experience.

Throughout and beyond the College of Science, there are many avenues for students to get participate in research during their undergraduate years. Often it’s just a question of looking in the right places and being persistent in the hunt for the right opportunity. However, finding the right opportunity is also about gleaning as much information as possible from a diversity
of sources.

Through a combination of listening to speakers, poster presenters, and representatives from various institutions, students glean ideas about get started with research opportunities. Students will see how they can add value to their research experience by participating in related activities. The sooner they begin their search, the sooner they will start participating in undergraduate research and getting the most from that experience.

Colleges of Science and Engineering Research Horizons Symposium

The annual Colleges of Science and Engineering Research Horizons Symposium for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows is held during Reading Days each December in Jordan Hall of Science.

This symposium aims to highlight the achievements of postgraduate trainees, foster interdisciplinary research and interactions, develop presentation and mentoring skills, furnish advice on career development, and provide a forum for extramural scientific and job presentations to diverse audiences. This all-day event consists of morning podium presentations, a lunchtime Q&A session with the Associate Director of the Office of Postdoctoral Scholars as well as multiple directors of graduate studies from both colleges, followed by an afternoon poster session and concurrent social reception.

All graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at the University are invited to participate by sharing their original research with their colleagues in either an oral or poster format. Research may have been conducted on or off campus, and mentored by faculty from the University of Notre Dame and/or at other universities and colleges. Please note that the costs of poster printing will be covered by the COS and COE.

Talk Science

Talk Science is a seminar series organized by Scientia that invites undergraduate students and faculty to present their research in an informal setting. These seminars are open to all students and faculty at the University of Notre Dame. Each semester there are three Talk Science events with topics that cover the many different science disciplines within the College of Science.