Physics Seminar: Experimental design pedagogy from the U.S. to Uganda

Location: 415 Nieuwland Science Hall

Abigail Mechtenberg, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy
Colgate University

This talk will present four case studies where physics experimental design was used, from laboratory-based to simulation-based designs. The first case study describes a med-student physics laboratory using this experimental design pedagogy (Incline Plane). The second one highlights the results from a physics major introductory laboratory (Bragg Scattering). The third case study describes the simulation-based experimental design process used in a special relativity and introduction to quantum mechanics course (VPython versus MatLab). Finally, results from this experimental design process implemented in Uganda will be presented to quickly showcase a designed and built merry-go-round generator, wind turbine, and hydroelectric generator (as well as other mini-grid systems). Please come ready to ideate!

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