Our Universe Revealed Series: "From the Beginning: Birth of the Universe and the Meaning of Space-Time


Location: 101 Jordan Hall of Science


Grant Mathews
Professor of Physics
University of Notre Dame

In this first talk from the new Our Universe Revealed,  Prof. Mathews will take you on a journey across the universe to look into its deep past. Learn how the universe is a time machine and how Einstein’s theory of relativity helps us to conceptualize the meaning of space and time. Discover some current views and research on the formation and evolution of the universe and explore answers to some of the most fundamental questions in physics.

  • How did the universe begin?
  • Why is the universe so large?
  • Is the universe finite or infinite?
  • Why are there only three large space dimensions plus time?
  • What is cosmic inflation, the multiverse, and why do we believe there are parallel universes?
  • What will be the future of the universe?

Following the presentation, enjoy a Digital Visualization Theater show and stargazing on the Jordan Hall rooftop (weather permitting).

This talk is part of the new Our Universe Revealed: Physics for Everyone lecture series, a new public series from the Department of Physics at the University of Notre Dame.

Originally published at physics.nd.edu.

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