XVth International Workshop Molecular and Cellular Biology of Plasminogen Activation

Location: Notre Dame Global Gateway, Rome, Italy

The plasminogen activation system and related proteolytic systems are essential regulators of tissue remodeling events as well as regulation of cell functions through activation of cell signaling pathways.  Through early studies involving in vitro biochemical investigations, and more recently in vivo biological studies involving gene modified technology, the plasminogen activation pathway has been identified as a major participant in the regulation and progression of a number of clinically relevant human diseases.  These include cancer, cardiovascular diseases, neurological pathologies, and bacterial pathogenesis.  Therefore, topics of relevance to this meeting include but are not limited to the following:

  • Structure/function of plasminogen activators, receptors, and inhibitors
  • Plasminogen activation system in neurobiology, neuropathology, and stroke
  • Plasmin and plasminogen activators at the matrix metalloproteinase (MMP) interface
  • Plasminogen activator system in angiogenesis and tumor biology
  • Novel serine proteases and kringle-containing proteins
  • Plasminogen activation system in tissue remodeling and tissue repair
  • Plasminogen activation system in inflammation, infection, and host defense
  • Plasminogen activation system in stem cell biology and hematopoiesis
  • Cell signaling mechanisms in the plasminogen activation system
  • Novel therapeutics targeting the plasminogen system.

This meeting has been held in alternate years since 1985, and is unique in that it is almost exclusively abstract-driven.  Therefore, the majority of the presentations are selected from submitted abstracts.  This allows for the emphasis of the meeting to be on new and unpublished research, which fosters productive interchange of ideas between attendees of the meeting.

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