Nieuwland Lecture Series: Spatial Evolutionary Games


Location: 129 Hayes-Healy Hall

A recent mathematical theory has been developed for spatial games with weak selection, i.e., when the payoff differences between strategies are small. The key to the analysis is that when space and time are suitably rescaled, the spatial model converges to the solution of a partial differential equation (PDE). In this talk, we give rules for determining the behavior of a large class of 3 x 3 games and show their validity using simulation. This is joint work done with Harvard student Mridu Nanda.

Richard Timothy Durrett is a mathematician known for his research and books on mathematical probability theory, stochastic processes and their application to mathematical ecology and population genetics. He received his BS and MS at Emory University in 1972 and 1973 and his Ph.D. at Stanford University in 1976. He has taught at UCLA and Cornell University and currently teaches at Duke University. He was elected to the United States National Academy of Sciences in 2007 and became a fellow of the American Mathematical Society in 2012.

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