Web Accessibility 101

Location: 231 Hesburgh Library, Collaboration Hub (View on map )

As universities increase their focus on diversity and inclusion, it is important to understand the challenges faced by those with disabilities and incorporate strategies that better meet the varied needs of this audience.

In this workshop you will learn how to make your website more accessible to users with disabilities or language barriers and how to improve the user experience for everyone. There are no prerequisites.

Participants will learn:

  • How to write accessible web content
  • When and how to use the Alt tag for images so that they are clear and meaningful
  • Why and how to add transcripts or captions to videos hosted on YouTube
  • Why and how to use headers to optimize screen readers
  • How to include accessible links in your content

This workshop is open to all. Bring your lunch — the host committee will supply cookies and coffee.

Click here to register. 

Sponsored by:

The Campus-Wide Website Accessibility Initiative Events Committee:
Anna Michelle Martinez-Montavon, Instructional Design Librarian, Hesburgh Libraries
Erik Runyon, Technical Director, Marketing Communications
Kate Russell, Sr. User Experience Analyst, Hesburgh Libraries
Scott Howland, Program Coordinator, Office for Students with Disabilities
Tom Loomis, Graphic Designer Program Manager, College of Engineering

Originally published at conductorshare.nd.edu.