NDCAN Lecture Series: "Precision Health, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics at the Berthiaume Institute for Precision Health", Prakash Nallathamby, Ph.D.

Location: Jordan Hall of Science, Auditorium 105 (View on map )

"Precision Health, Therapeutics, and Diagnostics at the Berthiaume Institute for Precision Health"

Prakash Nallathamby, Assistant Professor of the Practice, Berthiaume Institute of Precision Health; Research Assistant Professor (Adjunct), Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering

Nallathamby Prakash 6329

Professor Nallathamby's interdisciplinary research is at the interface of chemistry, materials science, chemical engineering, and biological systems on the micro/nanoscale. Current interests include label-free targeting of cancer cells, label-free cell-specific gene editing, and off-the-shelf CAR-T cells for cancer immunotherapy. He has over 14 years of experience in the synthesis of nanoparticles for biomedical applications with significant expertise in tuning surface properties of nanomaterials. The nanomaterials synthesized are single elements, anisotropic nanoparticles, core-shell nanostructures, or soft polymers. His surface-modified nanomaterials were used for real-time in-situ bio-sensing of receptor distribution on live cancer cells, as diagnostic agents to detect mechanisms of drug resistance in cancer cells, and as multi-modal nanoprobes in vivo. He is also highly adept at mitigating the systemic toxicity of current chemotherapeutics by suitably immobilizing them on engineered nanomaterial scaffolds. His unique interdisciplinary background in nanotechnology and cancer biology allows his lab to explore the basic science of how nanomaterials interact with biological materials with an added emphasis on translating that understanding into technology for use outside the academic laboratory setting.


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