Nuclear Physics Seminar: Prof. Ani Aprahamian, University of Notre Dame

Location: 127 Nieuwland Science Hall (View on map )

The next 4 years

Prof. Ani Aprahamian
Freimann Professor of Physics
University of Notre Dame

My research for the next four years hinges on three spheres of Nuclear Structure, Nuclear Astrophysics, and Nuclear Applications. Developments of new and unique techniques and tools have been the fundamental foundations of my work at the NSL. The neutron beam, and the fIReBall mini orange spectrometer promise to be the main foci of my experiments at the NSL.

Lifetime measurements using DSAM and RDDS will be continued to understand the relationships between the excited quantum states of deformed nuclei. E0 measurements will reveal radial differences between excited bands. The Yale University double plunger will be moved to the NSL and implemented adding capacity in lifetime measurements of RDDS. The Nuclear Astrophysics focus is on proving that direct fragment enhancement in fission of nuclei produced in the r-process in comparison with astronomy observations of r-process enhanced stars. Fission of neutron rich nuclei remains a puzzle. This is to be done with collaboration of Nuclear Chemistry Division at LLNL.

The developments of the new target laboratory with 3-D printing capability will add a strong new capability and we will continue collaborations with AZI in solving technical problems.

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