Our Universe Revealed Public Lecture: Are Fungal Infections a Thing?

Location: St. Joe County Public Library

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Fungal infections are getting a lot of attention, like in the popular HBO series “The Last of Us.” But, can fungi kill you? 
Is a pandemic caused by fungal pathogens a real-life possibility? Could fungal infections turn people into fungi creatures? Are there treatments or a vaccine for these diseases?
Join Assistant Professor Felipe Santiago-Tirado, an expert on fungal pathogens, as he leads us through understanding the science behind the hit HBO show “The Last of Us” and explains what is the real threat of fungal pathogens.


Our Universe Revealed aims to give you an insight into the world and universe around us, demystifying phenomena and explaining the concepts which govern everything we see.
This lecture series is a partnership between the University of Notre Dame College of Science, Indiana University South Bend College of Liberal Arts and Sciences and St. Joseph County Public Library. It provides access to local experts through talks and events so that the public can explore topics in science and wider research topics in an accessible way.