Science Exploration Series: Ring of Fire—Solar Eclipse Watch Party (with telescopes!)

Location: Jordan Hall of Science

Ring of Fire: Solar eclipse watch party (with telescopes!)

North side of Jordan Hall of Science (weather permitting; otherwise inside the Digital Visualization Theater, 100 Jordan Hall)

An annular solar eclipse happens when the moon, at or near its farthest point from the earth, passes between the earth and the sun. Today’s annular eclipse will cover about 90 percent of the sun in the southwest United States, and about 40 percent in South Bend. In locations where the eclipse is at its peak, the moon and sun together create a “ring of fire” appearance.

Weather permitting, the Physics and Astronomy Department will have telescopes and eclipse glasses available when the eclipse starts at 11:39 a.m. Saturday. The watch party will conclude once the moon has completely moved out of the sun’s path at 2:24 p.m.