The College of Science faculty, staff, and laboratories are located in many buildings around campus.

Galvin Life Science Center

Located on the east side of campus, between the Hesburgh Library and Notre Dame Stadium, the Galvin Life Science Center serves as a central focus to the Department of Biological Sciences.  The center is home to the departmental office, the major research facilities, and the laboratories of the biological sciences faculty.

Hayes-Healy Center

Hayes-Healy is located southwest of the Nieuwland Hall of Science and is connected to Hurley Hall. It is home to the Department of Mathematics and the O’Meara Mathematics Library.

Hurley Hall

Hurley is located on South Quad, across from the Law School and Cushing Hall, and is connected to Hayes-Healy. The building is known for its center piece in the main entrance: a giant globe. The Department of Applied and Computational Mathematics and Statistics is housed in this building.

Jordan Hall of Science

Jordan Hall of Science is home to 40 laboratories, an observatory, two lecture halls, a greenhouse, and the Digital Visualization Theater (DVT).

Nieuwland Hall of Science

Centrally located on campus next to LaFortune Student Center and Hayes-Healy Center, Nieuwland Hall of Science is home to the Department of Physics and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Nieuwland is also home to a brand new low-energy nuclear accelerator. The accelerator was installed in March 2012 and was the first National Science Foundation (NSF)-funded accelerator to be installed in over 30 years.

Stepan Chemistry Hall

Stepan Chemistry Hall is located directly east of the Nieuwland Hall of Science and houses many chemistry faculty offices and laboratories.

Research Facilities

The College of Science has numerous research facilities located around the Notre Dame campus.