Symposium on Neglected Groups in Wildlife Trade

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Location: Zoom

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Wildlife trafficking, one of the major threats to biodiversity, got renewed attention due to the ongoing Covid crisis. However, just a few groups of organisms are subject to studies and policies on their trade. There is a substantial, yet overlooked, fraction of the trade that does not involve the most emblematic and charismatic species.

It is evident that the phenomenon of global wildlife trade is much more complex and pervasive across the branches of the Tree of Life than previously acknowledged, as it encompasses species from almost all marine and terrestrial realms and habitats, including groups considered less charismatic such as fungi, sea cucumbers, orchids, snakes and tarantulas.

With this virtual symposium about neglected groups in the wildlife trade, we hope to shed a light on this overlooked part of the Tree of Life. Our goal is to discuss all forms of trade (legal or illegal, sustainable or unsustainable) from different points of view – from researchers to enforcement officers, consumers, policymakers, and wildlife dealers from all over the world – and think in more effective approaches to curb unsustainable and illegal trade.

The symposium will be run fully online through Zoom. Registration is free but required, instructions will be sent by mail the day before each session. Register by the Sunday before each session here:

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This event is sponsored by the Laboratory for Integrative Biodiversity Research and the Finnish Museum of Natural History.

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