Centers and Institutes

The image of a lone scientist—a Sir Isaac Newton, Louis Pasteur, or Albert Einstein—working deep into the night on a weighty problem holds a romantic appeal for many, especially those in the entertainment industry. The reality is the lone scientist is mostly science fiction, as breakthrough scientific discoveries are rarely the accomplishment of a single individual.

Uncovering universal truths takes the collaborative efforts of scientists located across the globe and across disciplines. In short, it takes a scientific community, a team committed to working as one in service to the common good. The University of Notre Dame’s College of Science is part of more than 20 centers and institutes, each dedicated to the collaborative research necessary to answer age-old questions and address today’s complex problems.

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    Berthiaume Institute for Precision Health

    The Berthiaume Institute for Precision Health at Notre Dame seeks to prevent and treat disease, promote wellness, and reduce health disparities by developing new tools to understand human variability at the molecular and cellular levels.

    Precision Health Website

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    Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases

    The Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Diseases exists to promote and support research and education in basic, translational, and clinical work on rare and neglected diseases at Notre Dame

    Boler-Parseghian Center Website

  • Summertime Stargazing: Telescope Observatory on the Jordan Roof

    Center for Astrophysics

    The Center for Astrophysics has been created to provide a collaborative environment for the University's many diverse activities in theoretical astrophysics, observational astronomy, and astrophysics projects.

    Center for Astrophysics Website

  • Center for Computer Assisted Synthesis

    Center for Computer Assisted Synthesis

    The Center for Computer Assisted Synthesis (C-CAS) uses quantitative, data-driven approaches to make synthetic chemistry more predictable.

    C-CAS Website

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    Center for Environmental Science and Technology

    The Center for Environmental Science and Technology (CEST) fosters interdisciplinary environmental research and education by providing cutting-edge analytical technologies needed to address national and international problems.

    CEST Website

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    Center for Health Sciences Advising

    The Center for Health Sciences Advising provides advising for Notre Dame students in any major or college who are planning to enter a health profession.

    Center for Health Sciences Advising Website

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    Center for Mathematics

    The purpose of the Center for Mathematics at Notre Dame is to promote and stimulate mathematical research; to communicate the power, beauty, and ubiquity of mathematics; and to provide growth opportunities to students dedicated to mathematics.

    Center for Mathematics Website

  • Center for Nano Science and Technology

    Center for Nano Science and Technology

    The Center for Nano Science and Technology explores new device concepts and associated circuit architectures which are enabled by novel phenomena on the nanometer scale.

    ND Nano Website

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    Center for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine

    Advancing research & scholarship in the stem cell field while staying committed to a deep-rooted Catholic identity.

    Stem Cell Website

  • Zebra Fish Research Center: Shelves lined with zebra fish tanks, appear glowing blue in color

    Center for Zebrafish Research

    The Center for Zebrafish Research is one of the largest single zebrafish centers in the nation.

  • Youth wears goggles and gloves at DNA Learning Camp

    DNA Learning Center

    The Notre Dame DNA Learning Center was dedicated in September 2013 and is a hands-on science center devoted to modern biology education that prepares local K-12 students to thrive in the gene age.

    DNA Center Website

  • Pad Project Kenya

    Eck Institute for Global Health

    A university-wide enterprise that recognizes health as a fundamental human right and endeavors to promote research, training, and service to advance health standards for all people

    Eck Institute Website

  • Tall grasses at ND LEEF on a bright day

    Environmental Change Initiative

    The Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND–ECI) will tackle the interrelated problems of invasive species, land use, and climate change, focusing on their synergistic impacts on water resources.

    ND-ECI Website

  • A researcher wearing waders and carrying a walking sick trudges through deep green grass toward a narrow creek

    Environmental Molecular Sciences Institute

    The mission of the Environmental Molecular Sciences Institute is to determine the effects of nano- and micro-particles (e.g., bacteria, natural organic matter, and mineral aggregates) on contaminant transport in geologic systems.

  • Freimann Life Science: white mouse with red eyes

    Freimann Life Science Center

    This center maintains, under tightly controlled conditions, the laboratory animals critical to University research projects in the life sciences.

    Freimann Website

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    Harper Cancer Research Institute

    The Harper Cancer Research Institute is a collaboration between the University of Notre Dame and the Indiana School of Medicine in South Bend that investigates many of the Hallmarks of Cancer to gain a molecular-level understanding of these processes

    Harper Cancer Website

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    Hillebrand Center for Compassionate Care in Medicine

    The Hillebrand Center at Notre Dame works to restore the spirit of compassion in healthcare by advancing the application of the science of compassion at every level of medical training and practice to transform clinician well-being and patient care.

    Compassionate Care Website

  • A student adjusts equipment in the Institute for Structure & Nuclear Astrophysics

    Institute for Structure & Nuclear Astrophysics

    This is one of three medium-scale accelerator laboratories in the United States funded by the NSF to perform research in a wide spectrum of areas that overlap with most of the highest-priority scientific objectives in modern nuclear physics.

    ISNAP Website

  • Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

    Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics

    An NSF Physics Frontier Center, the Joint Institute for Nuclear Astrophysics (JINA) is a collaborative research institute involving Notre Dame, Michigan State, University of Chicago, Argonne National Laboratory, and others

    JINA Website

  • Lucy Family Institute for Data & Science

    Lucy Family Institute for Data & Science

    The Center for Network and Data Science is an interdisciplinary research center organized around network science problems in social, biological, biochemical, physical, environmental, financial, organizational, technical, and defense systems.

    Lucy Institute Website

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    Notre Dame Radiation Laboratory

    To enhance knowledge, understanding, and utilization of the effects of ionizing radiation on chemical systems

    Rad Lab Website

  • A student manipulates equipment with numerous fibers in the QuarkNet Center

    QuarkNet Center at Notre Dame

    The QuarkNet Center at Notre Dame is a national model for involving high school teachers and students in high-energy physics projects.

    QuarkNet Website

  • Stavropoulos Center

    Stavropoulos Center for Complex Quantum Matter

    The Stavropoulos Center for Complex Quantum Matter is established to gather the leading scientists together to cooperate in a state-of-the art research in solid-state quantum sciences.

    Stavropoulos Center Website

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    Warren Center for Drug Discovery

    With generous support of the William K. Warren Foundation, this is a premier drug discovery and development center.

    Warren Center Website