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Discover how your science can make a difference by participating in research at Notre Dame. 

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Participating in research is an essential component of undergraduate education and the best way to master the scientific process. A research experience extends beyond the laboratory. It also includes communicating the results of that research in presentations and writing. Engaging in research deepens and broadens your experience in your chosen field while helping you develop problem-solving skills required by employers. Also, active participation in undergraduate research is significant for acceptance into graduate and medical school.

Research opportunities extend beyond the academic year, through summer internship programs both at Notre Dame and beyond. Many programs are supported through the National Science Foundation’s Research Experience for Undergraduates. Notre Dame hosts several REU programs each summer, where you can devote yourself to your research endeavors.

Fall Undergraduate Research Fair (FURF)

Each year, FURF allows undergraduate students to showcase the work they have done thus far in their academic careers, and it also provides the opportunity to learn about the resources available to them in order to get started in their research endeavors, regardless of the topic or discipline.

College of Science Joint Annual Meeting (COS-JAM)

COS-JAM highlights the achievements of undergraduate students conducting research in all disciplines of science. Students present their original scientific research in either an oral presentation or poster presentation. View the 2024 COS-JAM event. 

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Latin for "knowledge," Scientia is a completely student-run, online publication that recognizes and encourages high-quality undergraduate research.

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