Junior Parents Weekend

2024 Junior Parents Weekend | College of Science Academic Workshop 

President Jenkins Speaks at JPW

Details subject to change. Visit the Junior Parents Weekend website for more information.

Saturday, February 17, 2024: 

  • 8:45 am – 9:45 am: Health Professions Application Meeting followed by Q&A

    • 105 Jordan Hall of Science: Rev. James K. Foster, C.S.C., Associate Dean, Chair of Preprofessional Studies, Director of the Center for Health Sciences Advising & Maureen Dawson, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Director of Arts & Letters Pre-health supplementary major

    • 101 Jordan Hall of Science: Kathleen J.S. Kolberg, Associate Dean for Advising and Academic Affairs, Health Professions Advisor & Kristian Lax-Walker, Associate Advising Professor

  • 9:30 – 9:45 am: Health Professions Application Meeting Q&A, Jordan Hall Cafe

  • 9:45 am – 12 pm: Museum of Biodiversity Open House,  102 Jordan Hall of Science

  • 10 – 10:30 am: Planetarium show in the Digital Visualization Theater, 100 Jordan Hall of Science

    • Single showing only; seating is very limited and will be first come, first served.
  • 10:40 – 11 am: Welcome from the Deans, 101 and 105 Jordan Hall of Science 

    • Santiago Schnell, William K. Warren Foundation Dean of the College of Science, Professor of Biological Sciences and Professor of ACMS & David J. Veselik, Assistant Dean for Undergraduate Advising, Professor of Biological Sciences
    • Dan Gezelter, Senior Associate Dean for Education and Undergraduate Programs, Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
  • 11:15 am – 12 pm: Departmental programming throughout Jordan Hall of Science 

    • ACMS & Statistics Majors, Room 402
    • Biology & Environmental Sciences Majors, Room 101
    • Chemistry & Biochemistry Majors, Reading Room
    • Mathematics Majors, Room 322
    • Physics & Astronomy Majors, Room 325
    • Science Business/Computing/Education Majors, Room 302
    • Neuroscience & Behavior Majors, Room 105
    • Compassionate Care in Medicine Minors, Room 100 (DVT)

A PDF of the program will be available for download closer to the event date.