The GLOBES mission is to train a new breed of students capable of developing and implementing comprehensive strategies that combine science, technology, and public policy skills. These students will be the innovators and difference-makers for our future and the future of the planet.

The GLOBES Certificate in Environment and Society is one step students can take to begin to devise and implement solutions to pressing environmental and global health problems. The certificate program is open to all Notre Dame students enrolled in doctoral programs. Students enrolled in terminal master's degree programs are also welcome to inquire.

Learning goals for the GLOBES Certificate are:

  1. Develop communications skills and leadership capabilities with a strong ethics component
  2. Acquire expertise in a secondary field of interest to extend and complement primary dissertation research
  3. Engage with diverse publics/agencies/policymakers concerned with challenges to the environment
  4. Build professional resumes and enhance career opportunities with interdisciplinary research and education experiences

Study Abroad with Notre Dame International

Notre Dame’s Global Gateways and Centers are more than launching pads for our faculty and students. They allow for rich collaborations with local universities, research centers, governments, churches, and grassroots organizations.

NDI oversees the Global Gateways and their regional networks, centered in Beijing, Dublin, Jerusalem, London, and Rome. The Gateways create unique opportunities for Notre Dame to engage the world and the world to engage Notre Dame through scholarly collaboration, undergraduate and graduate study, as well as cooperative programs with governments, foundations, corporations, alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Explore graduate research opportunities with NDI.