College of Science Undergraduate Research Fellowship in Rare and Neglected Diseases

The Boler-Parseghian Center for Rare and Neglected Disease (CRND) and College of Science, with support from Powers family fund, will support Notre Dame undergraduate science students to engage in summer research.

Program Activities. Full-time research should be conducted for 9-10 weeks on research mentored by CRND and College of Science (COS) faculty. Participants must provide a thank you letter to donors and summary of their research experience before the fall semester begins, and present their research at a scientific conference or symposium within one academic year.

Support. The CRND Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship award consists of a $4000 stipend and $500 for supplies. Successful applicants with demonstrated financial hardship will be given additional support.

Eligibility. Current sophomore and juniors with interest in natural histories or laboratory research in rare and neglected diseases eligible to apply should be enrolled in a Notre Dame College of Science major and have worked with their College of Science faculty mentors for at least one semester prior to the summer of research. Seniors may apply to carry out clinical research in the area of natural histories of rare and neglected diseases.

Application: The following needs to be submitted to Submittable.

A. Proposal narrative - a pdf of no more than 4 pages with the following sections: (1) Your previous research experiences; (2) Research proposal (project background, description of proposed summer research and its significance) (3) Career Plans (explanation of how a summer research experience fits into your career plans, both immediate and long-term). Format: single spaced, 12 pt font, all margins 1". 

B. A Letter of Support from the research mentor.

C. Official Transcript

Deadline: Application materials are due by April 10, each year for the following summer, including letter of support.

For more information, please contact