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The mathematics major will deepen your knowledge of an endlessly interesting subject, as well as sharpen your analytical and problem-solving skills. The curriculum is very flexible, with enough electives in the mix to allow you to customize your own program. It is also possible to pursue mathematics as a second major.

Mathematics is a foundation for many different kinds of careers. Notre Dame mathematics majors have pursued graduate degrees in economics, education, physics, theology, engineering, medicine, law, fine arts, statistics, and music, among other subjects. Some majors go into business positions, become actuaries, work as consultants, or enter the Armed Services. Some become mathematics researchers themselves. You may choose the mathematics major because you love the subject, but it will also prepare you for a rewarding professional life.

Majors, Second Majors and Programs

  • Mathematics Major
  • Honors Program: This program is designed for students interested in pursuing graduate work in one of the mathematical sciences.
  • Career Program: The career program is designed for students who want to use mathematics as a a tool in science or industry, and emphasizes problem-solving while still providing a grounding in theory
  • Life Sciences Program: Majors in the life sciences program complete 20 additional credit hours in biology and chemistry. The program satisfies the University's recommended criteria for application to medical school.
  • Mathematics and Computing is designed for those going into graduate study or industrial careers in computing science.
  • Mathematics Education Program: Majors in the education program complete 30 credit hours of education courses at St. Mary's College
  • Mathematics and Engineering Science Program is for students interested in applied or industrial mathematics.
  • Mathematics as a Second Major Students: may pursue a second major in mathematics by completing all mathematics courses required for the Career Program. In order to list mathematics as a second major on the transcript, the student must satisfy all of the requirements for a major in some other department of the University.
  • Honors Program in Arts & Letters: This is a rigorous mathematics major program in the College of Arts and Letters which, like the Honors Program, is aimed at students with a more theoretical bent, and in particular at students who may want to pursue graduate study in mathematics.

Degrees Offered

Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics

Sample Curriculum
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Department of Mathematics
255 Hurley Hall
University of Notre Dame
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(574) 631-7245

Academic Advisors
Academic advisors are assigned by year of graduation. Contact Robin Lockhart for more information.

Department Chairperson
David Galvin

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Andrei Jorza

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